Issue #103

Distributed databases, Real time analytics, Observability, Ringpop, PostgreSQL 12.3

But has the last word been said? Must hope disappear? Is defeat final? No!

— Charles de Gaulle


After 10 Years in Tech Isolation, I’m Now Outsider to Things I Once Had Mastered

The world isn’t the way I remember it, and certainly not the way I left it back when I was arrested in 2009 for installing botnets and commercial remote access programs on a handful of sensitive clinic systems, which included a critical SCADA system. - #forklog

How to build a real-time analytics platform using Kafka, ksqlDB and ClickHouse?

Our goal was to be able to respond to analytical needs on large volumes of data that were ingested in real-time. For this, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to execute ad-hoc queries, interactively, with “acceptable” latencies (a few seconds or more). - #medium #streamthoughts

Distributed Systems Observability

So what is observability and is it the same as monitoring the service? The definition of the term as it applies to distributed systems seems to mean different things to different people. - #jimmycollins

Books about Designing Systems of Scale

These books cover design trade-offs to consider when scaling systems, the cost and benefits of each design choice, and how current technologies embrace and influence these design choices. - #medium #rvprasad

Creating a full-text search engine in Apache Pinot

In this post, we will discuss newly added support for text indexes in Pinot and how they can be used for efficient full-text search queries. - #medium #apache-pinot-developer-blog

Ladies and Gentlemen… Cloudflare TV!

why on earth is Cloudflare launching a 24x7 television station? - #cloudflare #blog

Most tech content is bullshit

Over the past few years, as I've been working and talking with many developers, I noticed a repetitive pattern. It's been troubling me a lot, and I keep thinking and talking about, trying to understand, or even excuse.

This pattern is consuming — instead of creating. Consuming — without questioning. Consuming and hiding behind an authority. - #aleksandra

Container technologies at Coinbase

Why Kubernetes is not part of Coinbase’s tech stack - #coinbase #blog

Playing Around With The Fuchsia Operating System

In the interest of acquiring knowledge on an OS that could possibly run on millions of devices in the future, we decided to give a quick look at Fuchsia, learn about its inner design, security properties, strengths and weaknesses, and find ways to attack it. - #quarkslab #blog

PostgreSQL 12.3

We evaluated PostgreSQL using Jepsen’s new transactional isolation checker Elle, and found that transactions executed with serializable isolation on a single PostgreSQL instance were not, in fact, serializable. - #jepsen #postgresql



Distributed Databases by Unmesh Joshi

"Explorations in Cooperative, Distributed Systems with Uber's Ringpop" by Jeff Wolski