Finding needle in the haystack.

वाचाल तर वाचाल (Vachal Tar Vachal) I keep this repeating to my son, which, my primary teachers kept embossing in my head until I truly realised what it means.

It literally means “Reading will save your life”. When I heard it for the first time the information explosion was yet to happen and I could read anything and everything. Today, I think, this advice should be amended to “curated reading will save your life”.

As a software engineer you should keep yourself up-to-date with things happening around the world in technology. So you keep reading Hackernews and Reddit only to be lost in the information overload, reading those sites feels like finding needle in the haystack.

This newsletter is my try to create a resource where you should find curated list of blogs, videos, papers, podcasts on programming and distributed systems every week. I will try my best to avoid political, vi vs emacs war, click bait, pure marketing and all sort of articles that are mere a distraction.

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